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Change Your Mind About Fitness

Fad diets. Pricey equipment. Gym memberships. The health and fitness industry is full of these, yet we continue to lose more and more people to obesity. This book strips away the usual trappings of what you need to have or buy or do to get healthy and instead starts with the basics -- how you need to think. Obviously good diet and exercise are necessary for improved health and fitness, but a solid mental and emotional foundation is paramount.

Drawing on 25 years of experiences as a competitor, coach and entrepreneur in the health and fitness arena, Michaelson Williams introduces his I'm Core Fit philosophy to challenge you to change your thinking to change your life. This book guides you in building a solid foundation of motivation and self-accountability, and then offers practical tips on how to apply and sustain these principles to help you train yourself into better mind, body, and spirit.

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Take Back The Control of Your Own Health, Fitness, and Total Longevity!

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I'm Core Fit: Success in One Day for the Rest of Your Life!

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